"Energiyna Kraina" or "Energetic Country"

Energiyna Kraina is an initiative that was found in Odessa, among the activists of various fields in order to development, promotion and education of socially oriented projects, in particularly in the field of energy efficiency and “action education” that promotes proactivity and civil engagement within the region. The initiative has plans to make Odessa region project a pilot one yet now organization is establishing similar communities around Ukraine

One of the founders of the initiative is Levikov Sergei, whose specialization is energy efficiency within the governmental administrative unit.

How the initiative has started, who is in your team and what projects you are doing?

This is a collaboration unity project for initiative people in various regions of the country. Our participants are energetic people that are aiming on development of their surrounding spaces and environment. Today, there are two types of people within the initiative: those who are connected with the sphere of energy efficiency from various civil, scientific and media backgrounds. And those who have other backgrounds yet they are motivated to improve the surrounding space. Our core team consists of main activists who were energetically active for a long perioud of time: Andrey Fedotov, who has initiated some media and anticorruption projects, me, where i was involved in social and energy efficiency projects etc

Our projects are aiming on popularization of proper usage of resources and development of proactivity and activism among local communities. In particular we are aiming of creation a collaborative network of activists among Ukraine with educative and development purposes. Our main aim is to unite various initiatives in the region and further on in our main spheres of interests, and than spreading/teaching/developing them. In particular we have made couple of energetic hackatons, energy efficiency contests, urban development and planning within Odessa region, scientific and civil meet ups etc. Right now initiative is co-organizing Odessa Energy Day within “Electronics/Energetics Fair”. There we are initiating a contest on the leader of energy efficiency within the corporate establishments of the region.

How much resources do you need for the activities?

For now, money is not the main goal to receive for project conductions yet it does assist in the development. We are inputting our own resources and creating partnerships

What are your goals of development?

We are aiming on creation collaborative units and network of energetic people. We are willing to search for more energy efficiency and other projects aming at developing environment and public spaces. We are partnering with the energy platform “Green incubator” that develops various initiatives in the sphere.


Andrey Fedotov - +3806334456502, Redirecting...

Sergey Levikov - +3803675590574, Sergiy Leivikov

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