Engage 10 AH-linked participants for LOTE5

People in Antiheroes (AH) community are more audience type (FuckUp Nights attendees) than participants. ER platform don’t seem to us the good channel to onboard them. AH proposes to launch LOTE5 also on Facebook so that people that are interested but don’t get to the point of signing in in the ER platform can still be reached by publishing content and call to action in the FB event page. It needs to be clear that the FB channel is to bring the most motivated people onboard. Everything will still be built through the ER platform.

AH will create the FB event and create a list of AH participants (locals mainly) that we will keep track of by guiding them through the process of starting completing tasks in the ER platform. @KiraVde @ireinga

A lead on whom to involve: SMartBE community, they are enthusiast to start collaborating.

10 people onboard is the goal!

+10 reached, let’s keep this pace

Here the participant list and facebook event.

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