Enspiral vs ouishare vs edgeryders

Hi Noemi, Thank you for your answer and sorry for the late reply. We are currently working on clarifying the practical goals and on the invitation for the next gathering. We have a working group that was created during the October convergence and we are doing weekly calls. We will be happy to meet you in the next one if you want to join us.

So having just participated in organising https://re-build.co/ where 100 different projects came together to share and collaborate I feel I have the answer - and it is to do such collaboration festivals where different organisations, networks, groups and individuals can come to share, cross-polinate and collaborate.


Hi Victor @vvorski I’ve found this thread of great interest right since it started … 4 years ago! Would you be able, or interested, to elaborate, first, what you have the answer to, and second, how that answer achieves the result you envisage? I’m very much up for helping and collaborating on this if that is of interest.



I believe that the solution for catalysing healthy cross-pollination, learning and collaboration between such organisations which are very different yet aligned in many ways is to have regular collaboration festivals/summits where many different organisations come together, present their projects, host workshops, search for collaborators.

Festivals & markets have been a part of human history in all cultures - because they work. They create a safe space between groups which are friendly but far from being a unity, allowing exchange.

Many of us in designing events are working to move to this idea of event/festival as cross-polination, collaboration fest, going away from “information download, one person talks, rest listens” conference formats.

We had a moderate success with achieving this at re:build event (around regenerative village building) this year, lots of connections were made. It was our first event, we did better than usual on connection but now have a huge number of ideas how to do much better in catalysing collaboration at future events.