Ensure all printed materials are delivered to the event on time

1. Ola Möller in Sweden: is producing

  • Logo in 6 colours, (we also need the hex code for the colours)

  • The fonts/typography,

  • The nametag design file (Front and back cover for the booklet)

  • The A6 reflection card design file

2. Simona Cane in Italy: is producing a file for the traditional way of printing booklets like this. Please ask her to produce a file for the printing of speech bubble as well (with a hole for hanging them at the top).

3. Susanne Stauch in Germany: Is producing an industrial design for the booklets that is based on printing stickers and putting them in pre-produced notebooks. This way we can customise the booklets on location at future events by having a printer with special sticker paper in it producing the cover when people register. We do not have to throw away materials because the notebooks can be used for another event, we just use different motives on the sticker. Also, we make it easy for community members to organise professional feeling independent events in a cost effective way.


1. By August 16: Ensure files linked to in google doc have all final information that we want to put in the booklet in them. If something is missing please email Jennifer Rudkin or Riel Miller ( if you cannot reach Jennifer) to send you the information. Transfer the information into document in the format I set out there. Contacts are: Jennifer Rudkin <rudkin.jennifer@gmail.com>, Riel Miller <riel.miller@gmail.com>

2. By August 16: Make sure Simona and Susa have the design files produced by Ola:

  • Logo in 6 colours,

  • The fonts/typography,

  • the nametag design file.

  • The A6 booklet designfile

3. By August 18:  Send off the files produced by both Simona and Susa to an online printing service (Susanne has researched ones in Germany, so ask her for suggestions) and see how much they cost to produce. The most competitive option we produce the whole batch for (50 booklets). Have the booklets (and all other material we order) delivered to the hotel where the event takes place in Italy. Please make sure that the management is aware that they will be receiving a number of deliveries for us and ask them to store them somewhere safe for us.

  1. In addition to the actual full batch order, I would like at least one copy of each produced so we have prototypes. To see the quality, how much time it takes to produce, and compare with the printed booklet option for future reference.

Finally, please contact Natalia to let her know which Tasks all three have done, and to put

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