Epic GA approves a whole lot of new members!

Phew! I am just out from tonight’s GA. It marked the largest expansion in the short history of The Reef ASBL. We approved the applications of 13 new associate members, representing nine households; and full membership for four previously associate members, representing three units. As of now, the ASBL represents 19 households, with 26 adults. Of these, 6, with 8 adults, are full members.

Welcome and congratulations to all new members, and to all new full members! @Lee will be in touch with candidates separately (off-forum), as we will need bits and pieces of information from various people. I am working on the minutes, but it will take a while before I collect all the information and all the digital signatures. Onward!


Yayy, so happy to be part of #reef-associate!! :partying_face:


The minutes for this GA are finally ready for digital signing. Sorry for the delay!

Members of the ASBL who were present should now sign the minutes. This means: @Lee , @manuelpueyo , @ThomasMaertens, @Laurianne and myself. You should have received an email from a service called SignRequest (we are using Edgeryders’s account). Please follow the instructions in that mail to sign the minutes digitally. Thanks!