Establish an (informal) partnership with TRM Art on #LOTE4

There is a TV channel in Matera completely dedicated to art, culture and MT2019. Go talk to them, please: @RitaO can make the connection. You can simply walk to their office, tell them about LOTE4 (and Fabrizio, Amelia, Robin etc.) and ask them would they like to do something together on that. Offer to help them with liaison. Thanks!

maybe I can help

Hi @Alberto and all, I’m so busy editing video interview about stewardship in Basilicata, but I can call TRM and present the project with @Natalia but we have to know our goal. @RitaO can call or sand email to the channel and tell them that is a common project, and than we can go to trm. But, what we have to ask exactly? interview with our host? report of the event? invite them to some session? Or simply informe the channel about the event?

I think so because we can talk with Rossella or Valeria or other friends that work for them like camera or anchorman. Tell me how I can help, I’m back in Matera with an almost normal knee.

Just go talk to them

And see what they want to do.


Ok, I talked with @Natalia_Skoczylas and we’ll meet @RitaO tomorrow and than we’ll go to TRM.

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Meno male che le mie parole dovevano avere un peso diverso, @NicoBis! Rinunciamo? LOTE4 è domani…

scrivo loro adesso e se non rispondono in qualche ore, aiuta :wink:

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