Ethnographic report in fewer than 1000 words (and nice visuals)

Ok, I am done with a final draft of this. Inga is polishing a longer-form one.

I would like the go-ahead of Khatuna, @gazbee sorour and George; and the opinion of Inga, Inge, Vahagn, Hazem, Ahmed and Noemi. And any other opinion is of course welcome.

You can download the PDF from here. Watch out it’s quite large (over 60MB). Too much eye candy?

I think it looks very very well

It’s to the point, and I like that it has beautiful project examples & policy recommendations in it. Well done!

-the UNDP logo from my experience needs to be the first one in the top far right.

a couple of things

“While broadly consistent with post-2015 development goals, their agenda has its own priorities, such as the management of public spaces. We expect to see” - some words missing?

also, amongst keywords for Georgia - in my belief it should be IT and not ICT


“We expect to see them rise in the political agenda.” Well spotted.

Why don’t you like “Information and Communication Technology”?

My bad. I thought it was intended to be IT, and C appeared as a spelling mistake…