EU call for building a social innovation community (potentially good fit)



This is starting to look strong

What with @cjd’s expertise and @luckyluki’s organization, this is beginning to look really interesting.

Lukas, do you have a link to this Future Lab?

cjd, any chance you could participate in the call organized by Noemi? I don’t think she plans to be at 31C3.


There’s a list for that…

Hi, I am not sure if this is even useful information:

I don’t know why or how, but for some reason I was put on a “Partner Search” list for an EU funding program in 2013. There are networks of professionals who find partners for their consortia this way. I still have some of the emails from last year of people asking me to have my group join theirs because, as @Alberto says, the stipulation for participating is having cross border partnerships.

As I said, I don’t know who put me on the list nor do I know how it works, but here are some examples of the letters I used to get:

Maybe there’s a list for this call too? Try and find a lead partner there?



Hi and thanks guys,

@Bezdmny indeed there’s such a list, here’s the portal I’ve been recommended:

I would try to go through community networks first and see what comes out, unless you have a specific org to recommend?

Lukas @luckyluki hi and good to meet you, so it seems everyone wants to be part of a consortium, yet no lead :slight_smile: Let’s all have a call next week so we get to know each other better? I can set it up for Tuesday, if that’s ok with you too.



I will be traveling so wont be able to join.


This is what I do for work.


At XWiki I’m currently managing (our role in) the project but we may be looking for a new project in the coming year. At the very least I might be able to offer advice about how to work with research projects, we can chat at the 31c3.