EU call for partnerships!

Hi guys,

not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I have just run across Creative Europe’s call for partnerships/cooperation for various cities that are candidate for the European Capital of Culture title and other organizations. As I thought these would be useful for some of you and your activities I decided to share it away:



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Could be…

Well, first of all thanks, @Iris_Equinox, much appreciated! It could be interesting, yes – we are just now waiting for official confirmation that we will indeed be working with Bucharest 2021 now that STF BUC is over.

Do you know any of those organisations? Can you recommend any?

Glad it is so! And looking forward to your collaboration with Bucharest 2021, should it be a favorable decision! I don’t have any direct experience or feedback regarding the organizations mentioned (apart from the fact that they are connected to the EU - Culture programme), but given the fact that such initiatives usually fly by around, and sometimes go by unnoticed, I thought it would be nice to give it a little push in the right direction. :slight_smile: International cooperation can be a constructive experience. Perhaps others around here can give further info?

Much appreciated!

Iris multumim!

I was away for a while but it looks like there might be something in Portugal or the Netherlands… although most are focused on performing arts from what I see. I will drop them a line nonetheless if it’s not too late.

Another option is to look at what projects we each want to do and build up a partnership with European organisations we are in touch with, and apply ourselves in the call. I think I prefer this one because we would be truer to our network capacity, with all the great people in Futurespotters… And a month should be enough to build a complex proposal.

Are you yourself applying for this call?