EU Open Data Portal

Dear EdgeRyders,

Wanted to share some information with you: maybe this can be of some interest for those creative minds of yours. As you know very well, OpenData portals go on developing: last one online is the EU Open Data Portal, hosting a “growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the EU. Data is free for you to use and reuse for commercial or non-commercial purposes. By providing easy and free access to data, the portal aims to promote their innovative use and unleash their economic potential. It also aims to help foster the transparency and the accountability of the institutions and other bodies of the EU”

To this day there are 5937 datasets you can browse.

Here you can find the data publishers.

Here you can find their applications.

Hope this can be of some source of inspiration!



Thanks, I had a look at the portal and will remember it when in need of data :slight_smile:

While we’re at it, here’s also some sort of open data: beautiful visualizations about which EU Parliament members make changes to the upcoming EU wide data privacy regulations that enhance our data protection, and which do the opposite:

Me too!

Definitely the applications are the most useful, since you get a fast overview.

although browsing the few that are there so far i was surprised to see at least half of Romanians have accessed government services and interacting with institutions online in the last year…(map here) which is intriguing, if not doubtful… will dig in deeper as soon as i have the time. thanks for sharing this!