Europe is not well face to face meetings

@noemi @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian
Hey there, thanks for the first virtual cafe - because the F2F meeting in Prague will be in the same time of next virtual cafe (next Wed), what about to take laptop to the venue - maybe another new people will virtually join us next week… so it could be like Virtual cafe with few people sitting by the same table in person together. It is just an idea but I think and hope, that it could works… Thanks a lot once again, have a great days and I am looking forward to see you next time :slight_smile:


We can certainly give it try! I will have my laptop with me anyway :wink: see you soon @kuba_svehla

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Great idea @kuba_svehla! The added value of that is that when people introduce themselves, community managers can take notes about who is who.

In order for the introductions to be good documentation, participants would be helped to create accounts on the platform - then they can copy-paste their introductions into new topics…
Natalia knows how to do this well!