European Digital Development Alliance

Dear all,

In the last 2 months I have been putting lots of effort on moving some ideas forward, this has been reflected on 6 EU projects that I have co-submitted and 1 local project for VLAIO support, AI grant. I will be happy to open up that knowledge with the community and talk about how to move those 7 ideas forward as a group.

Apart from that, and as some of you may know, I am a board member and co-founder of the P2P Foundation in Belgium. And… I am also launching another initiative together with amazing people, and you may become one of those amazing people! :slight_smile:

Next week, I will be co-launching the ‘European Digital Development Alliance’: for which an important component is the members! You!

I kindly invite you to hear about this initiative and a bit more:


PD: I am thinking of you: @MariaEuler @nadia @richdecibels @jean_russell @friedger @soenke @BlackForestBoi @oliiive


Hi @lylycarrillo:) Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, there seems to be a glitch in your eventbrite call, it is not accessible. Could you check? I’d be happy to join in.

Dear Asli, there have been some problems with eventbrite and we have fixed them.
Here you find the correct page:

Looking forward to enjoying your company in the call.

The zoom room that we used today to launch this movement has been hacked, we got people ‘sharing’ undesired images, sound, video… pretty sad!
I remember that you had problems like that. Could you support us for our next call?