European Ecovillage Conference 2019 14-17 July 2019 (Italy): Anybody going?

The Global Ecovillage Network conference 2019 is in a couple of days (in Bagnaia, Tuscany, Italy).

While it is still not sure that I’ll be able to show up there: anybody attending?

More infos on GEN Europe.


Thank you for sharing this Felix… It’s a bit too short notice for me, but I think it may be worthwhile.

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maybe something for @samim or @peteratomic and @susa

And @emsone or @Ceylan?

What a shame, sounds super-interesting… but yes, way too short notice.

Okay, will give notice earlier next year :slight_smile: Not unlikely that next summer it will be held in southern Germany.

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It’s not on you, @felix.wolfsteller. I should be paying more attention…

I attended that gathering in 2012 or 13 or so and very much enjoyed myself. Recommended.


Wow, @juliane thanks for the tip. Is this your first post? Welcome… for good!

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