European Research and Innovation Days, 22-24 September 2020

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond.
This year’s format will provide an opportunity to connect, take stock of research and innovation achievements in the global response to the pandemic and build on the EU’s response: worldwide coordination of excellent science for global health, social and economic recovery.

As part of the brokerage event on 24 September, you will have the opportunity to extend your international network and create strategic partnerships through scheduled one-to-one meetings between 11:00 and 13:00 CET.

This matchmaking experience will forge winning research and innovation consortia.
The matchmaking tool will remain available up to 24 October so that you can continue to schedule one-to-one meetings, after the R&I Days.

To participate in the info day, and to enter your profile and partners’ search/offer in the matchmaking tool, register through this link -

Join the event virtually

The interactive sessions will let participants provide input on how research and innovation policy and funding can help propel Europe’s recovery and pave the way to a green, digital and resilient future. Building on the success of last year, the 2020 edition will feature three days of intensive policy co-designing, thought-provoking panels and matchmaking opportunities.

In a crucial year, following an unprecedented global crisis, just ahead of the launch of Horizon Europe - the next research and innovation programme starting in 2021 - and an enhanced European Research Area, this event is a unique chance to discuss how research and innovation will benefit the future of Europe.

The event will take place on 22-24 September 2020.

ec_rtd_research-innovation-days-programme-v3.pdf (240.9 KB)

@marina for the Research Network


I registered for the event and put in the calendar (in the event description) some sessions I’ll attend on the 22nd.

On the 23rd unfortunately we have a full day of the NGI Review Meeting with the EC and on the 24th I’m on the road. Hope you could cover the most important sessions those two days @andreja. Then we can report back on the platform.

@marina and @kajafarszky this could be something that Ivan might be able to participate in also…

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yes, I am registered as well.

I’m pinging @IvanC, check out the post above :point_up_2:

Thanks @kajafarszky and @nadia. Will gladly participate.


Welcome to the team @IvanC :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @marina.
I am really excited to join the ride

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@marina and @andreja I registered for the event. I saw interesting topics regarding digitalisation, Horizon Europe and missions on the 23rd. If you list the events you will be following we can avoid unnecessary doubles.

For me: european green deal, horizon europe, smart implementation & synergies, european innovation council, european institute of innovation & technology, european research council.

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The ones I’ll attend are in the calendar (in the description of the event), attending only on the 22nd.

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