Event "Farmer Wants Startup" (22–24 Sept 2017, near Munich)

Since one of the organizers of this event is somebody I know (a bit), and it is relevant to Edgeryders current exploration of co-working and co-living models and “patient startup incubators” in rural environments, here’s an event in Germany that could be interesting for some here:

Bauer sucht Startup” (literally, “Farmer is looking for a startup” is a 3-day co-working rural experience for startups as part of “Silicon Vilstal Mitmachfestival”, a festival in a rural area related to innovation, entrepreneuring and creativity. It happens 2017-09-22 to -24 in Vilstal, to the northeast of Munich, Germany. Startups get the chance to network and meet the public alongside getting regular work done in a rural setting. Startups do not need a rural theme / topic in order to apply.

The interesting part is that accommodation happens in rural guesthouses, farmhouses etc. and is completely free of cost, including Internet access. Participating startups only pay for their food and travels. Find out more with Google Translate.

(Side note: there’s a hidden joke embedded in the German “Bauer sucht Startup” event name, derived from the popular German dating TV show “Bauer sucht Frau” – literally, “Farmer is looking for a woman”. Oh and another, “Silicon Vilstal Mitmachfestival”, a festival in the supposed “Silicon Valley of the Vils river”. German humor :smiley:)

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