Event: How Electronics are Making Car-Ownership a Nightmare

An engineering expert explains the hazards of the ubiquitous car electronics, and the hacks and solutions we can use to improve things. Register now for free! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/295060924167

When Did Cars Become an Automotive Nightmare?

Have you ever had something break in your car only to find out you don’t know what it actually does?

There was a time when cars were sold to us as the ultimate symbol of liberation, the open road a byword for freedom. But is that really what they are to us today?

Increasingly hi-tech, bespoke and, above all, hard-to-replace components, a culture of built-in obsolescence and disposability, and the dreaded semiconductor shortage are coming together to make owning and maintaining an auto-vehicle a whole new level of nightmare.

In-car electronics has gone from being an optional extra, to an increasingly integral part of the overall car, to a compulsory component which (sometimes creates more problems than it solves but) is a very complex piece of equipment containing several precious metals and possibly recyclable components, which in this moment just go to waste.

Your Engine’s Not the Only Thing That Will Internally Combust

On 2022-04-29T13:00:00Z, social enterprise and distributed think tank, Edgeryders will hold a free online event with our expert grumpy German engineer and “self-supply hacker”, on the trials of modern car ownership. Together with experts on design and development process of automakers, we will make sense of how these issues arise within the automotive industry, and look at what can be done to improve things.

An informative and entertaining 18 minutes presentation will be followed by a series of smaller, 30-minute group discussions where attendees can share experiences, insights, and potential solutions.

Oh, and the event is entirely online

So there’s no car required…

How to Register

Register on our eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/295060924167

About the organisers

Edgeryders - The Collective Intelligence Company. It is part of our research work in Treasure , a European research project on the circular economy in the automotive industry. Your contributions will inform our research results, which will eventually be published online and made freely available for everyone to read. We are funding this through research grant 722023 from the European Commission (Horizon2020 programme) .


ping @matthias - have a look and see what you think? I stopped short of adding our “favourite Grumpy + German expert engineer and self supply hacker” :))

Also: what time on the 29th of April is a good for you?


ping @ivan event description. Any thing missing?

I added a couple of corrections to underline even more the focus on the CE, but for the rest it should work. @marina - nothing missing on the eligibility side, right?
Once we have it ready, I’ll pass it to Unizar to embed it in the official site

Looking what can be improved: definitely, and I think it will be the strong part of my presentation.

Demonstrating that the mess is deliberate: that statement is a bit on the strong side, I think. I am myself a bit clueless what exactly brought up this mess so I would like to discuss this with participants. If we had people acquainted with the design and development process of automakers for example, that would help. It may well be that unrepairable and unmaintainable car electronics are just an unintended side effect of that design process and its priorities. Such as if priorities would be “cost saving” and “first owner’s experience”. At this point, I really don’t know …

Too long? Hard to keep an online event interesting for that long.

Any time in the afternoon, really.

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