Event in Brussels July 10 on Platforms and labour

We have been invited to participate in this event at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies in Brussels (I have accepted and will be there to rep Edgeryders):

Was great talking to you yesterday! It’s rather incredible, but I forgot to mention the following. On 10 July, I have a small event at FEPS. From 11:00 to 12:30, we have discussion around a publication of ours on platform work across Europe (estimating size of platform work, and lack of social protection for many etc.). BUT. In the afternoon, from 13:00 to 14:30, we look at a more positive angle on platforms. We want to explore how we can use platform tech for ’the public good’; i.e. improving work-life balance, local economies and community services (based on non-profit, municipal or public/private partnership models). I am looking for good examples that already exist, and I came across ‘Open Care’, which when I click on it, links back to Edgeryders!!! Given this, my question would be the following: would you know of people involved in this, and perhaps somebody that could share their insights on Wednesday 10 July? I would be super-interested. What do they do, what hurdles they experience? How can we help them? We can really make room for someone in the second session.

@marina sent you agenda (file too large to upload here) to let me know if there is anyone in particular we should be connecting with at this event.