Event Partnerships + Consent/Sign Up

Hi ResNet team,
hi @Richard, @matthias, @amelia,

I wanted to understand the funder constraints on the requirements for the consent form of participants in an online event like e.g. the Online Summit pre-sessions.

For my mission, I am looking to engage particularly Germans from the former East in the pre-summit sessions, and to engage those participants, I wanted to connect to some networks/organizations that are already on the ground and have been building community and have some existing “online event series” like e.g. this one.

In our meeting yesterday, I raised this issue, and if I understood correctly (and please correct me if I’m wrong) @nadia mentioned the need for the sign-up process to happen entirely through our system(s), and that GDPR-adherence would not allow us to share any information such as e-mail with the partners.

I find this a challenging constraint when I think about proposing this to a potential partner. I’m curious about ways to fulfil all requirements on GDPR/privacy (in letter and spirit of course), but also to honor the (still potential) partner’s (very likely) interest in co-managing the sign-ups (and the data the participants decided to share) - and for this I’m missing the context.

Are there possibilities to bridge this, e.g. by inserting a required consent (the one we need participants to sign) within their (likely existing) sign-up process as well as asking for the fields we need (choose alias and first post)? Or by using a common sign-up service (like e.g. eventbrite, typeform, airtable), where we would ask for all the info/consent both partners would need?

Is there a way that such a solution does not make administration much more difficult that the current one through airtable?

Thank you!

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Hi Daniel,

Can you clarify your question for me— are you trying to obtain demographic information on the participants? Or just have the consent funnel hosted on non-Edgeryders platform?



Hi Amelia,

This is still theoretical, but it would be the latter, hosting the consent funnel on a non-Edgeryders platform, or hosting this on a 3rd-party service that both organizations would have access to (AFAIU, we are using a 3rd-party service like airtable)?

If not, is there a way to share sign-up data (explicitly asking for consent of course) with event hosting partners (one or very few at most).

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The consent funnel seen as used on edgeryders.eu only applies to content that users post on edgeryders.eu themselves, or that ends up there automatically by being posted via our survey form software.

That survey software seems to be the best bet for your case, as it directly leads to a user account, post and consent on the edgeryders.eu platform but still provides a custom website, domain and styling so that it can be promoted by a third-party organization. That does not, however, allow for direct technical integration with their pre-existing signup process. (And my guess is that they also would not want that. Because who wants to do development effort to integrate with a third-party platform for a single event.)

For all other content you’d want to gater consent via other methods anyway. The methods in use are documented in our Consent Process Manual, and when there is a need other similar methods can be introduced.

I’d not be concerned too much about the GDPR aspect. Data sharing is legal when there is a legitimate interest and it’s documented in the privacy policy etc… The issue is more that we want to end up with properly documented consent for all content that is eventually used for research.

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So do I understand correctly that when following the Consent Process Manual and using our survey software, we could share some data like E-Mail or town (with additional user consent) with a partner who might want to know?

Yes, but only when following the GDPR regulations for that. You’ll need a separate privacy statement on that survey form that informs users of the nature and reasons for this data sharing agreement. And perhaps other stuff like a data processing agreement.


Great, thank you very much for your help!

I’d say we cross that GDPR bridge if we get to it - for now I’m just relived to hear that it’s not entirely impossible (given the proper user consent) to share data with a (potential) partner.