Event Proposal: Disaster Utopias, Science Fiction and Tech beyond capitalism: Meet the Ecosystems builders


The Ecosystem builders - Economics, Science Fiction and Tech beyond capitalism

What are the implications of a post-capitalist society on technology development around the globe?
How does it challenge many of our underlying assumptions about how people can meet our material, social and existential needs ?

(add section here summarising Solnitz big insights about Disaster Utopias (from her novel “Paradise built in hell”).

(add invitation to join us at the event here)

Inputs Platform Outputs Outcome
Great People Conversation Articles A narrative. This helps us by giving us a sense of how we can “push” for rewiring of local economies in ways that can resonate with a broad spectrum of people. It includes pieces of (unorthodox) economic theory (like Mazzucato); data (no, regional policies how we are doing them now do not always lead to your region “catching up”); and Doctorow’s “architect’s renderings” of possible alt economies.
Interesting stories SSNA visualisations New Projects A library of models. These are detailed descriptions of interventions from different places that demonstrated some success . If others like a model, they could copy the very practical things that the the original protagonists did to realize that model.
Experience backed knowledge Sensemaking Unlikely Alliances An allianceof like-minded people, that can then lobby together, apply for funding together, coordinate etc.

How to participate

You will need to put in a total of 2hrs, spread out over a 3 week period

1.15 hr: Participate in the webinar
30 min: Leave comments on the forum sharing your thoughts (Day after the video chat)
Right now, 5 mins: Fill in this form to register

What the Edgeryders team does

  • Coordinates a campaign of collaborative community fundraising to support participants’ work
  • Moderates & Documents the Listening session (video chat)
  • Community manages Follow up discussions ( ER team publishes documentation + listening session participants leave comments)
  • Produces visualisation and analysis of the conversations topics ( ER team use open source technology to produce visualisations)
  • Produces articles containing summary of insights from conversations ( ER team produces draft for participants to comment/edit before publishing)
  • Prepares & share First Draft of Concept Notes for possible joint initiatives wih participants in workspace accessible only to participants who participated in previous steps to ensure alignment)
  • Engages the fundraiser to identify possible sources of financing + fundraising strategy
  • Follow up session: Developing ideas for joint initiatives + filling in applications with support from the fundraiser.


we want to set up an individual page for each event.

Relational goods, stocks over flows, systems over networks: a webinar on the strange economy of the Messina district .

Date: tbc
Organised by: the Science Fiction Economics Lab

Would like to invite:

  • Gaetano from Horycus Orca Foundation in Messina
  • Niti Bhan Log In ‹ Perspective — WordPress
  • Rutger Bregman https://www.rutgerbregman.com/
  • Alexa Clay (Head of the RSA international, Author - the Misfit Economy),
  • Boyd Cohen ( Author - PostCapitalist Entrepreneurship: Startups for the 99%),
  • Dan Price, CEO of gravity orgs
  • Gabriella Gòmez-Mont
  • Finance people, Las Indias,
  • Nathan Schneider (Journalist)
  • Matthias Ansorg( Co-Founder Paycoupons & Edgeryders)
  • Others? and many more examples e.g companies providing low cost glaecoma treatment in india T.b.c. Other publications* . Keywords: “Post-growth organizations”. “Eco-social enterprises” and “postcapitalist entrepreneurship”, “circular economy”, “sustainability”, “climate change” , “green transition”, . Possible partners: Roope & Outi, Post Growth Institute, new economics foundation + more suggestions welcome?

What we (Edgeryders) wish to engage people to get involved in as a result of their participating in this event

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I am thinking about proposing a collaboration around this with Fred Brown , CEO of the Forbes Funds whom I met yesterday during the Overweb challenge event organised by Daveed (community member who has moved his own network/community around his project onto a space on edgeryders).

This is dusting off the concept we had of an alliance of post-capitalist entrepreneurs that we discussed in the context of Scifi Economics Labs. I think it could be a nice follow up activity in the Worldbuilding academy this spring…Anyone interested in this? I think @matthias probably, but others?

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Would be interested to be a fly on the wall.

Also see:


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