Event proposal: Doing business in Czech Republic/Poland/Serbia

This is a proposal for the event on doing business in Czech Republic/Poland/Serbia. The events will be held for each country separately.


  • Gather small (and medium) business owner to discuss doing business in their country
  • Understand how small (and medium) business owners navigate through COVID-19 crisis period and what are their expectations/plans for after the crisis
  • Understand how their country is helping them
  • Introduce other “Future of Work” events
  • Connect it with community management online learning (if suitable)

Event content

  • 10min Introduction (tbd what will be introduction exactly)
  • 40min deep conversation (maybe to introduce breakout room sessions)
  • 10min wrapping up + call to future action (tbd)
  • After the event: posting conclusions or thoughts, ideas to explore, connect people across mutual interests

Possible tell form questions

  • Introduce your self and your business
  • What happened with your business during the pandemic crisis? How did it affect your employees?
  • What do you expect after the pandemic crisis?
  • How is your country helping you?

Output of the event & Incentives for participants

  • Summary of the discussion
  • New data for POPREBEL
  • New networking opportunities for the participants
  • Sharing experiences, advices, and information about opportunities

Human resources needed

  • host in the local language (ethnographer)
  • community manager/journalist
  • guest speaker (if an interesting profile appears among applications)

Next steps

  • Make an event post (18 February)
  • Make a tell form (19 February)
  • Get ethnographer and community manager onboard (19 February)
  • Get marketer for each country on Fiverr to run an online campaign (26 February)
  • Start promoting the event (3 weeks before the event - 1 March)
  • Decide on the event date (propose: latest in the week of 22nd March)
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ping @noemi @nadia @ivan

Looks good, but the problem here is that we don’t have comm managers, unless I or Jirka can help, but I doubt it.

Do you refer to Czechia or in general?

In general…