Event proposal : Meet Experts

A. Event description

We are gathering top leaders in our community From each Topic ( Business Development - Human Resources - Media - Financial - Digital Marketing )
then we are inviting all startups and individuals interested in these topics to discuss together through interactive workshops and circles.
we are seeking to build a networking layer among startups to share knowledge & best practices that will support them in building a successful business

B. Proposed Program

  • Date of the event ( Friday 29th & Saturday 30th November From 1 to 9 Pm )
  • Friday 29th: circles in each topic with facilitators
  • Saturday 30th: Matchmaking event with startups and individuals with some jab & internships opportunities.

D. Your Organisation Name (Flux Coworking Space)

C. Organizers Team

  • Ahmad Rohoma - Managing Director
  • Hanan Dwedar - Assistant
  • Ola Mohamed - Admin
  • Khalid Kopra - Finance
  • Noha Abo El-Gheit - Event Coordinator
  • Mahmoud khater - Project Manager
    E. Venue
    Flux Coworking Space

Thank you @AhmadRohoma for interest
We’re currently in the process of evaluating the proposals.
The event is for the start-up hosted in your co-working space or is it open for every startup?
Who is your main target audience?(Juniors, newly graduated students )

No, it’s open for any startups or individuals interested in the topics proposed
we are targeting fresh graduated who want to start their career within one of the topics proposed.

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