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How do ensure that we have the fundamental material requirements

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## An Edgeryders activity for Covid19 recovery and regeneration We have seen similar stories play out in different countries around access to masks, ventilator spare parts, access to testing etc. Across global south and global north - crises hit differently - but they do hit. And our ability to respond means navigating many interdependencies. So how do we avoid these situations in the future? How do we make sure that we have the fundamentals in place to stay healthy or even alive when crisis hits? In this series of listening sessions and follow up discussions we explore credible paths moving forward based on real life cases, not pie in the sky scenarios. ![image|120x104](

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To ground the conversation in lived experience on the ground, will invite protagonists of key intiaitives in the series of case stories on the platform ahead of the event. In order to ensure a high quality discussion - we expect participants to have read and commented on at least 3 of the featured stories so that we know that people have some common foundation for a meaningful conversation.