Everyone, meet Mike

FutureCarers, meet Mike Martin – @sociotechnicalmike on Edgeryders – and never was a userID more appropriate to a project than this! I am taking it as a good omen.

Mike is from Newcastle’s KITE, our lead partner. I only just met him, but he seems to have lots of the kind of experience of wisdom that this group needs to write a killer proposal. I guess he’ll be lurking around for a while, catching up with what we have done, so no action is requested – I just wanted to let you know we are, at this point, all here.

This communication is confusing for me!

Please explain the context…


Sorry about the confusion … I think you got an e-mail notification about this 3 years old conversation because Alberto @mentioned you (with your old user account) back then in his post above and for technical reasons, we had to edit the post today. In such cases, @mention notifications are sent again by the system. (You could call that a software bug … .)

Anyway, nothing to be discussed right now.