Everywhere the same: A transnational experience and global aspiration

My name is Eimhin. In gaelic this means ‘the one in the middle’ and this is true of me in a lot of cases. I am between the many worlds without belonging solely to any one or other of them The benefit of this is that I can hear the harmonics between different communities, methodologies and paradigms. I was born to Irish parents in the heart of the Irish midlands, was ‘educated’ locally before leaving to the city of Galway to finish school and begin university. I took a BA in philosophy and english literature while learning bits and pieces of circus skills, druidic lore and eastern philosophy. In between studies I took time to travel around Europe and start a small circus company in Ireland. I was a very unconscious youth dealing for some time with the after effects of a chaotic upbringing.

Having graduated from university I left for circus school in the Netherlands. 8 months in I fell ill and spent the majority of the next three years between hospital and the sickbed. This experience was more educative than anything I have ever experienced in my life. I understood through these experiences a lot about a huge variety of things, the nature of life and death, the many flaws of the western health system, truths about time and perception, the many aspects of our being and how (like the EU;) they interrelate and interweave creating all of our perceived successes and failures. It became clear that treating one aspect in isolation would be a futile excercise and so after too long in hospital I decided to give up the surgery and medication and head for the East. I moved to India to find a doctor I had been told about in a town called Pushkar. I found him and after two months he had me fit and happy again and I found a determination to help people.

After travelling India for some months I came back to Europe and after a brief period in Ireland I moved to Berlin, a Yogi I had met had told me many things about my life he had no way of knowing other than some kind of clairvoyance, he also told me that I would be thinking of a move when I returned home and he urged me to make this move, “it will be good for you” he said. Berlin has a youthful energy that moves and shakes according to the interactions of its people, compared with the stagnation I felt in Ireland, Berlin was the place to be. In Berlin I learned to use twitter and began following people who seemed to share in the world view I found in myself, I was amazed, here was a whole community of people conversing and sharing the many thoughts and feelings I had in isolation over the past years. I always had an inkling that ideas were impersonal and that creativity was based on exergy and the arrangement of present-state conditions. Now, reading all of these mirror-images to what I had thought were ‘my’ thoughts I knew that impersonality to be true.

We are EdgeRyders because we are situated on the crest of the wave of the present, we let go easily because we realize the cost of attachment, and we have faith in our position and its power to steer us out of precarious situations. Whether we consciously know it or not, the universe tends toward dissipation which is increased, as is complexity, in the evolution of order. The will we share we can often confuse as being our own, but it is a collective will born in a collective unconscious and our ability to stay connected to that rests in our faithfulness to this edge. If we want a new world to come of the crumbling of the old then we are going to have to build it from the bottom up. All the cultural and supra-cultural communities of the world passing the bricks of their experience and action to form one home to house them all.

Edgeryding extreme

Eimhin: I am impressed. Edgeryders seems to confirm my suspicion that young people are more daring than the provious generations with their life’s journey, but yours must be the prizewinner. Circus school? A long illness in the Netherlands? Healing in India? Moving to Berlin after being advised to do so by a Yogi? Bring it on. So, how does one so fluid and mercurial live out other parts of his life, like making a living, or finding a satisfactory channel for political participation?


I am so glad to meet you Eimhin!

The last time I met with Alberto, I showed him a drawing of the 3 human bodies, and what happens when these bodies get alligned. I cannot say what Alberto was thinking… He probably was not expecting to see this on my iPhone! But he does have an open mind, and observes what goes on around him with a keen eye.

Wow, I am impressed by your vision of medecine, I agree with you, focusing on an organ, isolating one part of the body, is indeed ‘a futile exercise’. I wish that governments would understand this. We could dramatically cut on health spending! And people would be more happy (ie less use of anti-depressants). Actually, I know that there are officials from the pandemic preparedness sphere that are beginning to see the applications of consciousness in the public health area.

You talk about the “flaws of the western health system, truths about time and perception, the many aspects of our being and how they interrelate and interweave”. I am also deeply interested in these things. I know that there is a power within us, that allows to self-heal. This power can be developed through bliss, or extasy, joy and love. By reaching this state, all cells of the body heal. As you said, everything is interrelated and interweaved. (This video changed my life and helped me to understand the role of the ‘happy hormones’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfBWtovxYQY)

When I started participating at Edgeryders, I was drifting. I had a (vague) idea about the nature of the Universe. I met other participants, and they helped me think and refine my thoughts and vision. I developed a great friendship with a philosopher (Michel Filippi) and it is a fullfilling fantastic experience. Last Fall, I felt isolated, I was looking for other people like me. Thanks to the Edgeders project, I recently discovered a community that fits my needs (the Institute of Consciousness Research). Recently, I met people in Los Angeles, and I am in the process of helping this group build communities and look at ways to develop worldwide collaboration. All this happened via my participation with Edgeryders. So, I encourage you to keep following your intuition. It always tels us the right thing to do (although sometimes we think it might be inappropriate and crazy). Keep listening!

Also, using social media to connect to others that share similar interests, being active members of online communities, will keep you growing and learning. Please keep me informed about what you are doing and the discoveries you make. Let us connect on Twitter (@Lyne_Robichaud).