Example of a social contract

This is the social contract we devised for the first site FreeLab occupied. It is less focused on internal community processes, more on setting rules for guests and workshop participants.

Currently, as we are evolving towards larger living-together community, we are gradually developing another set of rules, more on self-regulaton and consensus driven  democracy.

Most probably, the result will be the mix of both approaches. So, for now, feel free to get inspiration from and re-mix what we have done. CC-BY-SA

#FreeLab: social contract

The \#FreeLab community, its guests (including the organizers and participants of workshops), coming to \#FreeLab accede to the following minimum social contract.

Basic assumptions

The mission  of freelab is to collect, codify and disseminate knowledge and skills that will allow people to organize themselves in a free, self-governing structure, and to live without depending on a hierarchical system. We believe that this is the right of everybody without exception. We shall support their needs by our work in freelab.

We do not forget about political, cultural and other differences. However, at the time of working together we put all animosities aside, or at least we try to. Respect for trustworthy colleague, reliable coworker, we consider more important, than our dislike for his views, habits, or prejudices.

We are working out relationships within our team (understood broadly – with the guests) in the spirit of consensus-driven, cooperative community. Only when we achieve this, we can teach it to others.

Relations with the owner of the land

Owner of the “Rosalie” farm invited us to his land. While he does not share all our views, he shares some of our goals. He appreciates the validity of our goals and our work. We appreciate it and show respect and courtesy in return.

freelab is a non-institutional structure, based only on voluntary cooperation. Therefore, we are sensitive to anything that might jeopardize good relations with the local community and our host.

Relations with the permanent members of the freelab Collective

Permanent members of the collective are totally committed to the freelab activity. At the same time – after we left the place – they will face the consequences (both good and bad) of our words, actions and omissions. We are aware of it and try to leave a good impression. In all situations of conflict or doubt, we turn to the permanent members of the collective for help or mediation.


Illegal drugs are entirely banned in freelab. You do not play with fire in a powder mill.

Legal drugs changing perception (alcohol, legal psychoactives) are a private matter of each person, outside of space and time devoted to work with dangerous tools (machines, blades, fire, etc.). You start working, being sober in every aspect, or you make a break.

We smoke tobacco only in designated areas, during the break of the work and other activities.


We eat vegan, with optional vegetarian add-ons.

For those who believe that they must eat meat, there is a separate zone, where they can prepare it themselves. Meat products are provided by anyone interested on their own. Fishes – upon our host’s approval – to be a catch, kill, and prepared on your own.

People with food allergies shall inform the members of the collective in advance. Efforts will be made to provide them with an appropriate diet.

Working for freelab and “Rosalia”

Each member of the collective and every guest of freelab spends one hour per day, worki effectively for the benefit of the place. Type of work is determined consensus-based way by those concerned, considering the needs of freelab, the farm, and abilities of people involved.

Consesnsus-based consultancy: Didleth, MrKruk & \# anarchizm comunity @ freenode