Exchange the eComma annotation creating JavaScript with Annotator

One of the first tasks needed for building Open Ethnographer. (It can be done right at the start, but since it involves interfacing between the set of tags managed in Drupal and Annotator, that part has to be worked on in close collaboration with this task. That is simple if one can agree on an interface early on, for example the one provided by either of the two plugins for tagging with preexisting tags, as discussed in that other task.)

Annotator is a JavaScript library that allows annotating any HTML content while viewing it. eComma has custom JavaScript code with similar functionality, but Annotator is more flexible (20+ plugins) and has a larger community behind it. So we will exchange the eComma annotation code with Annotator. This should result in a dependency from the annotator Drupal module.

This is so far just about exchanging it, not about adding stand-off annotation features to Annotator etc…

Trashin this. We’ll start with Annotator directly!

I tried eComma more thoroughly now and checked how its features work internally, and it seems to be not the right base software for us. The total effort is lower when starting right with Annotator itself, rather than integrating it into eComma. Also, this lets us profit of Annotator plugins more easily.