Exhibition - Communities of Kalimantan

This addition to the festival draws on my experience as a traveler in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Me and two of my friends, fellow lecturers from the University Muhhamadiyah Malang, went to explore hidden communities of different Dayak Tribes.

The exhibition will include pictures of different long homes - exploring their special architectural features and purposes, as well as different designs for different communities. It will include videos of customs and cultural events, as well as explanations about their particular economy, philosophy, attachment to nature and pride deriving from their connection with the jungle. There will be pieces about the eclectic religious beliefs of the Dayaks, as well as about the modern ways in which sustainable businesses are being developed and financed around Kalimantan, striving to preserve the nature while giving people opportunities to improve their conditions.

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Is there any way we can include this in a batch of evening sessions : art presentations + screenings?

We can do a combo with @albertorey 's session + documentary about Bagmati River. Since you two are the only ones so far presenting work in SouthEast Asia. I know sessions are still being shaped up, which is why I dare proposing this. Feel free to scrap it if your work is more selfcontained and should stand alone.

@matthias could also propose a documentary about an indigenous community in Rukum, Nepal. We saw one last night which was astounding, but there’s another one he recommended - 20mins.

I think it makes sense to have imaginative sessions where we travel to wordly villages of sorts :slight_smile:

cc @woodbinehealth who is just now putting together our festival program, version 1.0.

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Great, i can do it both - i could easily do it as an exhibiton, not as a session even. Let’s see how much time and space in the program we have and then I can adjust.

Tentatively put time after dinner on the first night for arts/demo. Also maybe take the time for “harvesting” on the first night and use that for the presentations.