Expedition Freedom: Going ahead

Things are happening thanks to our supporters.

  • Jan has donated his used camcorder - I am now mastering the new toy.
  • Erkan has practically kicked me into changing the website design into map-centric - see the difference!
  • Now I am busy making Polish summary and a video teaser for our Australin supporters. Anybody would be nice enough to translate http://expeditionfreedom.org/the-plan/ into French, Spanish, German or any other rebel language?

Map looking good

Hi Petros, I’d gladly help even when Romania’s not quite a target for you, but unfortunately people my kind of crowd and/or the ones radically active express themselves easy in English. We’re transiting quite a weird phase where we mix English w Romanian all the time, i’ll tell you more some other time…

so seeing how many people offered to host you on your way just reminded me that back in December a bunch of us were in talks to build a repository with Edgeryders Safe Houses, places where we could crash or at least stop by when travelling, we’d fill up the whole Europe. If I remember well FreeLab is a strong contender, would you mind sending me a picture of the place? I’m building a page/wiki just now… you know my email :slight_smile:  we could also make it a nice map like yours.

Erkan rules

I agree with Erkan – the website is much more engaging this way!