Expedition Freedom: Hitting the road very soon

May 1st I start a series of promotional/fundraising meetings in Poland: Kraków 1.05, Lublin 13.05, Warsaw 18.05, Poznan 19.05. If you plan to be around, you are invited. Bring your wealthy and generous friends!

On May 21st I come to Berlin, to work in the support team of the European Commons Conference organized by the Heinrich Boell Fundation. I am actively looking for some free shelter, if you can provide any. Will stay there till 25, when I hitch hike south. Will have public presentations (mostly about hemp) in Ulm and Augsburg, then I move south to Fontana Buna (Simone & Iolande) and dash to Venice, to catch the ferry @18:00 There is a lot of time on board, so if you fancy a trip to Greece, we may improvise an event there.

I will be happy to meet anyone of you on my way to Greece. As for the rest of the trip, full itineray is presented at http://ExpeditionFreedom.org, right below the map.

accommodation in Berlin

Will spread the word also on our facebook group, there’s a quite consistent Edgeryders presence in Berlin, who knows maybe someone will offer to host you…

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It started!

Following your daily updates on the blog… wishing you well and lots of fortunate encounters Petros! unrevolutionary communities should be happy to meet you.