Expedition Freedom: The introductory presentation

After The Commons Conference in Berlin, I am going to hitchhike south and visit Greece. The plan is to meet asm many groups and communities there and make a short list for the Great Journey in September/October. I am now building a long list of contacts. for the pre-research.

So, if you have some friends involved in social initiatives in Greece, please spread the intro I prepared:

Online @ Slideshare or PDF file.

Thanks, Petros.


Technical Note

Please note that the domain expeditionfreelab.org mentioned in the presentation is waiting to be activated (probably Monday). Meanwhile, refer to https://freelab.org.pl/profile/greexit/?tab=profile

Presentation looks good!

I have a Russian friend, also an Edgeryder here - Toma Petrova, who asked me about your project saying she’d like to get involved somehow, but doesn’t know how. And she’s got some time on her hands now… When will you have other specific calls for participation  - eg. people helping you with a website, producing a concept paper, an interview guide, helping with documentary production,… ?

Bring her on! :slight_smile:

Skype, IRC, email - no FB, Pliiis.

Examples would be good!

Petros, I find you could make this presentation stronger if you offered some examples of these interesting things going on in Greece. I look at your slide 6, I see logos but I have no clue what these folks are up to. For all I know, they could be hairdressers, or sports clubs. What story prompted you to go and hunt for even more stories? There must be one.

Cross my heart and hope to die…

I promise, Alberto, to prepare special presentation for non-Greeks. And the one with couple separate slides - which will be easy, based on the one i did. The reason why I omitted separate stories here is that the target audience are Greeks (from the alternative movement millieu) and they either know logos or can read names.

As I am going to start asking for support internationally, there will be another edition quite soon, including more verbose description of - at least three - stories to follow. Possibly by the weekend, I guess.

And - as ususal - warm thanks for your contribution. If you ever quit the mainstream, there are many great things we could do together. :slight_smile:

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A honor…

You tempt me, my friend! And you do me honor: for a simple guy like me it being welcome in your “mendicant order” is like receiving a knighthood. But I’ll do you one better: let’s find things we can do together regardless :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, will you apply for unMonastery? I am in Matera just as I write this!


Thanks for the clarification. But it begs another question: if your Greek audience knows these initiatives the logos refer to, why is it you need to convince them that good things are happening and Greece has it in her to bounce back?

  1. Matera - I cannot make any commitments until this year’s Expedition Freedom is completed - that is mid October. I have Matera on my map and will surely drop in - unexpectedly, as much as I know the way my life goes. But my visit is imminent. :slight_smile:

  2. Logos - possibly it is somehow awkward, but I had to do the intro - and quickly. This particular slide is more to show the audience I_am_aware of Greek  movements beyond popular media level. :slight_smile: This way or another - the verbose version is cooking now and I hope to launch it today. :slight_smile:

  3. Knighthood etc. - aren’t you exaggerating…

Got some suggestions and requests from Seb Paquet

Hi Petros!

a message for you :slight_smile:


Seb Paquet On the entrepreneurship front, I’d love an interview with Aristos Doxiadishttp://aristosd.posterous.com/global-reach-for-start-ups

On the resilience front, Apostolos Sianos and friendshttp://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/30/us-greece-commune-idUSBRE87T11E20120830

On the currencies front, Volos seems to be hoppin’http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/02/euro-greece-barter-poverty-crisis

Thank you for hinting me. :slight_smile:

The first one is totally out of the project scope, but I will gladly meet the guy, time permitting. 2nd & 3rd - I will try to contact them.


#2 - I already have them listed & contacted http://telaithrion.freeandreal.org/