Expedition Freedom: The summary

We plan to make a several-week long study tour this autumn, visiting Greek neighbourhoods, collectives and intentional communities, who are building self-governed life beyong crumbling state-capitalist system. They are mostly not activist. They are just people, forced off their comfort zones by powers beyond their control. And they struggle to fight the control back.

We are going to meet them, to get their stories, And to share them. There will be a website and a documentary. And perhaps a lot of follow-ups.

For this project we are partnering with P2P Foundation, an organisation focused on promoting P2P and the Commonns paradigms. The schedule is as follows:

  1. 24th of May 2013 (right after the Commons-related conference in Berlin) I am hitchhiking due south - via Venice to Greece (by sea). Plan is to reach Athens, meet our P2P Foundation partners and run a series of meetings with interested parties in Athens, Thessaloniki and smaller towns/villages. They will be shortlisted for autumn tour. During the research I will gather preliminary material to set up a website for the whole project - the “making of” style, focused on bringing attention and crowdfunding.

  2. During the summer we shall set up full-blown website with videostreaming, podcasting, telepresence and anything we can get the funding for.

  3. In autumn (perhaps September/October, considering the weather and tourist season), a team of 3 people will get on the car and start the cruise. It is now expected to last 6 weeks, which means we can cover ~10 places, running live internet show and gathering material for the documentary. The live road show will include (bandwidth permitting) live video stream, videocasts and telechats with hosting communities. Also crowdfunding for the documentary production, based on the material gathered during the tour.

  4. Once back from the tour, we shall prepare the said documentary, hoping to put it into circulation worldwide. We shall also keep the website alive, to let people learn how the unRevolution advances.


Great news!

Petros, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so impressed.

Is this funded at all? What does the partnership with P2PF consist of?

unFunding strategy.

Alberto, by definition in FreeLab there is no such thing like funding - we “live on hope and songs instead” daily :slight_smile:

As for the Expedition - The P2P provides good advice and moral support so far. Once we meet in Athens, I hope to have a detailed discussion with them and make final agreement. Until then, I am mostly on my own, hopefully with a little help of my friends.

I am now building list of contacts in Greece. Meanwhile I am preparing a list of things/services I need for research trip. Once I am ready with that, I will start an informal fundraising/equipment raising campaign. I believe the idea is important enough to get some support. That’s gonna be the reality check. :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit

Ok, good luck. I have no contacts in Greece other than the one I already mentioned to you. Let us know how you are faring; If you need us to do anything we’ll try to comply.