Expedition Freedom: The VIO.ME case

They are average workers, who just wanted to feed their families. They did not want to do politics, they just wanted their jobs back. And they fought them back. Doing politics.

Meanwhile, they were despairing, starving, struggling, facing the state, mainstream trade uninons (which, by the way, adviced them to beg ex-owners for money) and general economy crisis.

And they triggered overwhelming solidarity movement among Greek unRevolution people - workers, farmers, common people who are trying to keep their lives under control in the midst of crumpling system. Massive solidarity initiative in Thessaloniki, solidarity caravan to Athens, finally - the gathering on February 8th-12th, peaked by tryumphant production kickstart. It all wasn’t just about shouting and dancing. It was about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding which supported initial period of factory operation. And all of this in the participatory form of truly anarchist movement. If you want to see the unRevolution, the anarchopositivism in action - seek no further.

Now, when the production started, the support is still needed. So, if you are in Greece, Balkan states, Southern Italy, please consider making some business with VIO.ME. If that’s practical, contact them and ask for the offer. It’s not just a money thing - it is also a sign of solidarity. If you can volunteer, help with translations, whatever - write to people from Thessaloniki Solidarity Initiative (protbiometal@gmail.com) and offer some help.

The full story of Vio.Me can be founf on their international page. Polish translation proudly provided by FreeLab

More unRevolution to come.


We know people there


the vice-mayor of Thessaloniki, Spiros Pengas, was at Living On The Edge 1. Also, Nadia and I visited him in his home town in October. He is a cool guy, seems to be close to these issues and remembers Edgeryders well. You might want to pay him a visit: Nadia can put you in touch with him.

Surely, it’s an idea worth consideration. Thank you.

I will ask my contacts what do they think about him. It has already happened that, because of certain person I mentioned as my ally, some doors closed in front of me. I would not like to repeat such experience. :slight_smile: I will let you know.