Experimental ways of living: an interesting policy in Flanders

Today I learned about something that exists in Flanders (sadly not in Brussels) that is called “experimentele woonvormen” (experimental ways of living). Projects who are granted this label get the possibility to negotiate exceptions on legal requirements with the authorities. In Cohousing Eikenberg for example, this led them to get an exception on the automatic allocation of tenants through the “agence d’immobilière sociale”. This way they got a say in who gets to occupy their inclusive units, which is quite important.

The full list of projects can be found on this web page (right-clicking in Google Chrome will get you an automatic translation). The projects are required to attend an annual event, where they get the opportunity to exchange about their experiences.


This is a really great find, well done. It’s inspiring to see how cohousing is making its way as a comprehensive alternative to, well, living in a monadic unit.