Experts needed on openness culture and hacker economy!

I am running a project called OpenPompei (yes, the Pompeii archeaological site is indeed involved). It’s potentially quite cool, in the Edgeryders style – essentially, we are trying to find and empower people like, well, you. We think of such people as dealing with the culture of openness and the hacker economy – and that includes the sharing economy, common goods, social currencies, the whole package. The Edgeryders community has, in fact, inspired the way I and others have designed the project in the first place.

If you are an Edgeryder and know English and (even a little) Italian, I would encourage you to apply for the long list of experts my team ais putting together. It’s noncommittal, just opening up a door for collaboration. It means we can pay for your flight and hotel if we decide to do something together. There may even be some paid work at some point, though I can’t make promises – we have not yet decided which way to go. Start here.