Expo of Knowledge (dawn of a new society)

since some yrs in Milan and Italy with some scientist friends we have developed an interpretation fo world development strongly embedded in science development. its not a specialist or tech approach to change. Rather i would say something a cognitive one, which gives much power and responsibility to people.

above all now when complexity, globalization has chenged the “old” industrial society framework in everyday life experience.

so we feel that to make something extremely strong happening to solve the big problems we have: economic, institution environment, we should take deeply advantage of the new vision that better fits these new world. otherwise people, companies, institution and so on will be based on roots that are not adapt (top down, bourocratic command and control, single best rational way…)

to do this involving many people and changing cognitive framework its a big project for life.

the two documents attached explore briefly our reason and start to describe what should be done both from a scientific point of view and from communication and involvement point of view.

we also have written about 100 page little book and a full complete executive project.

everything have been presented in some local events in Milan and also to the Italian parliament in 2012.

we are looking for scientific and financial support to make it happen, or to partners that understanding this vision are able to make it fly higher in the world awareness

we really feel tis a global responsibility to get better knowledge available to project society, companies, institution and so on

of course we are keep on trying organizing meetings, presentation. Talking with any body as we felt that anyone is a potential stakeholder.

Doc 1:http://goo.gl/Dj7M2Z

Doc 2:http://goo.gl/2fQm23