Expressing Innovation (+ Linked Data Vocabulary)



Next week I would like to make few updates to unMonastery web presence. One of pending tasks relates to clearly expressing how Challenges and Projects relate to each other. I would also like that we can more clearly state who benefits and in what way from the work we do here!

To avoid reinventing the wheel, an activity IMO still very popular even that we have The Internet and The World Wide Web available, I try to look at existing conceptual models relevant to this case.

Innovation Vocabulary seems to provide some framework with decent expressive capacity:


Any other in some ways established ways which can help us with expressing what we do?

unMonastery in-a-box

evaluation resources


I started a card called Evaluation on trello


pre- not only post-

Looks interesting @katalin, do you focus in your approach just on post unmon session evaluation or it can also come of use in pre future sessions stages?

I would like that at some point we have framework where broader community can take part in choosing who to invite from people who applied to participate, back on Living as unMonk and New Residencies threads :wink:

During #1 Pilot Matera things worked in very centralized way since MT2019 gang arranged space and public funding to cover related expenses. I hope in other sessions in other places support will come more directly from community of voluntary supporters (people paying taxes don’t qualify IMO). Such supporters may find it more important to clearly see the impact people who apply aim for, as well as regularly follow progress of innovations they chose to support!


developmental evaluation


Public Innovation Places

Another possibly relevant article: "There is a growing perception that the state’s ability to provide various forms of public service can be enhanced through public-private partnerships, the use of new technologies, as well as various strategies for increased public participation. "

Who BTW works on follow up after workshop with Waag Society couches ? @Ben @mariabyck


theory of change

@elf Pavlik, in the developmental evaluation paper it is mentioned that a “theory of change” is a prerequisite not only to deliver but even plan and map social innovation projects, so here are some links:

I think we need to have a discussion about this - maybe tomorrow’s planning meeting can come up with an action plan and platform? Time to put our remote working plans into action :slight_smile: