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"name": "Axel Voss",
"excerpt": "Axel Voss has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2009. In his capacity as coordinator in the Committee on Legal Affairs, he focuses on digital policy, including data protection and artificial intelligence.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Axel_Voss.jpg"
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"name": "Ingrid Schneider",
"excerpt": "Ingrid Schneider is Professor of Political Science in the Center for Ethics in Information Technology in the Department of Informatics at the University of Hamburg. Her research fields are technology assessment, governance, law, economy, and ethics of information technology on which she published numerous publications. From 1996, she has advised several European Parliaments and the European Commission, and is Board Member of various European Scientific Associations and Research Projects. Current research projects are PRODIGEES - Promoting Research on Digitalisation in Emerging Powers and Europe Towards Sustainable Development (2020-2024, EU funded) and “Governance of and by Algorithms” (2019-2021, BMBF funded).",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Ingrid_Schneider.png"
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"id": 3,
"name": "Payal Arora",
"excerpt": "Payal Arora is a digital anthropologist and author of award-winning books including the “The Next Billion Users” with Harvard Press. Her expertise lies in digital experience and user values among low-income communities worldwide and comes with more than a decade of fieldwork experience in such contexts. Forbes named her the “next billion champion” and the right kind of person to reform tech. Several international media outlets have covered her work including the BBC, The Economist, Quartz, Tech Crunch, The Boston Globe, F.A.Z, The Nation and CBC. She has consulted on tech innovation for diverse organizations such as UNESCO, KPMG, GE, and HP and has given about 200 talks in 52 countries including a TEDx talk on the future of the internet. She is a Professor and Chair in Technology, Values, and Global Media Cultures at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Founder of Catalyst Lab, a digital storytelling organization and Co-Investigator for the Feminist Approaches to Labour Collectives (FemLab.C...",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Payal_Arora.jpg"
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"id": 4,
"name": "Silva Arapi",
"excerpt": "Digital Rights Advocate and free software enthusiast for more than 5 years. Board Member at Open Labs Albania.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Silva_Arapi.jpg"
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"id": 5,
"name": "Suzanne Dumouchel",
"excerpt": "Suzanne is responsible for partnerships and strategy. She holds a PhD in French Literature. Research Engineer at Huma-Num, CNRS, she coordinates the TRIPLE project (H2020). Suzanne is deeply involved in the Open Science movement, especially in the SSH perspective.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Suzanne_Dumouchel.jpg"
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"id": 6,
"name": "Sylvie Delacroix",
"excerpt": "Professor Delacroix focuses on the intersection between law and ethics, with a particular interest in data and machine Ethics. Her current research focuses on the design of computer systems meant for morally-loaded contexts. She is also considering the potential inherent in ‘bottom-up’ Data Trusts as a mechanism to address power imbalances between data-subjects and data-controllers. Professor Delacroix has recently served on the Public Policy Commission on the use of algorithms in the justice system (Law Society of England and Wales). She is also a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute and a Mozilla Fellow (from 01/04/2020).",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Sylvie_Delacroix.jpeg"
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"id": 7,
"name": "Ana Jiménez Train",
"excerpt": "",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Ana_Jimenez_Train.jpg"
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"id": 8,
"name": "Anna-Sophie Harling",
"excerpt": "Anna-Sophie Harling is Managing Director for Europe at NewsGuard, based in London and New York. Prior to joining NewsGuard, Harling worked as Business Development Manager for a technology company in London and at an international law firm in Germany. She has previously worked at two German newspapers, Der Tagesspiegel and the Märkische Allgemeine. Harling graduated from Yale University, where she was a Yale Journalism Scholar.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Anna_Sophie_Harling.png"
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"id": 9,
"name": "Geert-Jan Bogaerts",
"excerpt": "Geert-Jan is Initiator of PublicSpaces Foundation and Head of Innovation and Digital Media at VPRO. He trained as a political scientist, was raised as a reporter, foreign correspondent and editor at de Volkskrant, and is currently mainly trying to join forces with those who want to make the Internet a safer, more ethical place.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Geert_Jan_Bogaerts.jpg"
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"id": 10,
"name": "Jack Hardinges",
"excerpt": "Jack is Programme Lead for Data Institutions at the Open Data Institute. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the ODI's work to explore different approaches to data stewardship, such as through data trusts, and leading the delivery of related projects. Jack joined the ODI in July 2014 and has delivered research and advisory projects with startup, multinational corporate and government clients.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Jack_Hardinges.jpg"
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"id": 11,
"name": "Manon den Dunnen",
"excerpt": "Manon’s main focus is on raising awareness about the consequences of digitisation for our constitutional values. Together with several public institutions she's working on an independent public trust infrastructure for responsible data sharing.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Manon_den_Dunnen.jpg"
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"id": 12,
"name": "Marco Zappalorto",
"excerpt": "Marco is the Chief Executive of Nesta Italia and Director of the Social Innovation Design BA at IAAD University. Marco joined Nesta in 2011 and before setting up Nesta Italia he was Head of European Development and he contributed to the set-up of Challenge Prize Centre, and led most of the Centre’s European and international work.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Marco_Zappalorto.jpg"
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"id": 13,
"name": "Martin Brynskov",
"excerpt": "Martin is Associate Professor in Interaction Technologies at Aarhus University and Chair of Open and Agile Smart Cities.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Martin_Brynskov.jpg"
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"id": 14,
"name": "Paul Keller",
"excerpt": "Paul Keller is a public interest policy advocate and researcher operating at the intersection of technology, copyright, culture & public policy. Since 2019 Paul has been a senior research fellow at the Institute of Information Law at the university of Amsterdam focussing on strategic policy development for the open movement. Paul is a founding member and current President of the COMMUNIA International Association for the Public Domain and board advisor to the Europeana Foundation.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Paul_Keller2.jpg"
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"id": 15,
"name": "Peter Bihr",
"excerpt": "Peter explores how emerging technologies can have a positive social impact. At the core of his work is the mission to align emerging technologies and citizen empowerment.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Peter_Bihr.jpg"
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"id": 16,
"name": "Harry Armstrong",
"excerpt": "Harry currently leads Nesta’s futures and emerging technology work. His work explores the potential impacts of new technology and innovations, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), on industry, society and the economy with a goal to supporting responsible innovation in a wide range of sectors. His work has covered everything from machine learning, cybersecurity and the internet of things to nanosatellites and the emergence of local energy systems. He leads Nesta’s thinking on the ethical and responsible development of technologies like AI and the development of innovation-enabling approaches to regulation, helping to develop and shape policy in and outside of government.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Harry_Armstrong.jpg"
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"id": 17,
"name": "Katja Bego",
"excerpt": "Katja Bego is a Principal Researcher and data scientist in Nesta’s technology futures and explorations team. She leads the European Commission-funded NGI Forward project, tasked with helping shape the funding and research agenda of the Next Generation Internet initiative.",
"image": "https://summit.ngi.eu/img/speakers/cropped/Katja_Bego.jpg"