Ezio Manzini on the FutureCare team

Hello all, I am proud to announce that Ezio Manzini has accepted to be part of the FutureCare team. My default proposal is that he is integrated in the Edgeryders team with an appropriately wizardly business title – it will be fun to make it up. @Cristina_Martellosio, @zoescope, what do you think?

Ezio is an important asset for FutureCare. Super-duper-senior academic designer, intellectual father of service design as a discipline, now semi-retired and doing the right thing, i.e. getting in deep with cutting-edge projects like this. He is right at the forefront of openness, design and the “uberization” of the economy with his brand-new book, (Ezio Manzini, Design When Everybody Designs. An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation, MIT Press 2015 – learn more).

He can help us do several things:

  1. Make sure we quote the right people in the "Ambition" part of the proposal. We are, in part, a design project. We need to prove that we are aware of the state of the art on design, and can make an original contribution to it.
  2. Set up the prototyping phase, and the feedback loop from the online conversation layer to the prototyping layer in the lab and back. Here he will be working mostly with Edgeryders, WeMake and SCIMpulse; perhaps more indirectly, he will relate to LABRI and KITE, as they are supposed make use of the data generated during this process.
  3. Port the process of communities designing-and-deploying care services onto the policy level. Here he will be advising the Stockholm group.

Ezio’s involvement will be advisory, not operational. Think Gandalf. We need to be the Dwarves infantry, the Elven archers etc. laugh

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