Facilitation training & nonviolent communication training in small groups

I just wanted to flag that we have purchased two training modules from SoFA:

The former we followed with a small group during the late summer, and we really enjoyed it. We met up twice on a Sunday afternoon, but it could also be something you do online or in the evening. If somebody else would want to kickstart a small group, please give a shout in the thread below.

For the latter I can well imagine that people who couldn’t make it during the Training Day would be interested to follow the training nevertheless (I count myself). So how about we try to organise this some time in January?

Here’s a poll where you can express your interest:

  • Nonviolent communication
  • Facilitation
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Is this something individual participants pay for, @Lee? Or is the cost covered by The Reef’s own budget?

It is paid for by The Reef, so it’s completely free.

VERY interested in both training courses.

I’d like to first participate at the training day this Sunday, but I can imagine that I’d be interested in initiating a small group afterwards to follow at least one of the two training modules.

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