Facilitation training

@reeflings Just a small and kind reminder for round 2 of the facilitation training, this Thursday at 19.30 at Lie’s place! See you then!


Just to add: you are welcome to join a bit earlier, say starting from 19:00. I’m not able to provide food, but you can bring your own of course.

Can we aim to start the training at 19:45 sharp?

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Víctor and i will be there.

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Hello all,

Just to confirm I am available next week Thursday. Hope you are feeling better Mieke!


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Not sure actually if the message goes to all or just you Lee?

Oki. So let’s meet up this Thursday then for the last session. I propose we use my place, unless somebody else wants to volunteer theirs. Let’s start again at 19:45 sharp?

Ping @mieke @Janet @Victor @Adriana and @ugne.

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Victor and I will be there :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there too :slight_smile: