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Next to the training day, I figured it would be a win if we could do another round of the SoFA 3 x 2 hours online facilitation training that we purchased. What do you think?

@ChrisM: could you please make the login credentials available on Nextcloud? Maybe in the Team Facilitation folder? Or did it expire already?

@mieke and @janet, given that you would both like to join Team Facilitation, would one of you be willing to taken on the organisation of these gatherings? If not, not a problem of course. I’m just trying to match tasks with potential volunteers, but saying no is of course always an option.

What is needed is this:

  • A set of dates where the two of you are available for two hours, plus preferably at least one Full Member who has some experience with facilitation (we can each do 1 x 2 hours though)
  • A poll / doodle / framadate addressed at all the reeflings to see who else would be willing and able to join
  • Practical organisation of the gatherings (i.e. choose the dates and a venue)
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I’ll look into it tomorrow :slight_smile:

@Lee I can do the organisation of the gatherings.


Update: Janet completed the doodle (thank you @Janet !). So me and Janet are both available on 18th and 19th of July, and the 10th and 17th of August. @ChrisM @Lee You can actually ignore the Doodle and just let me know if at least one of you could be available on 3 of these 4 dates?

@janet @ChrisM @Lee I made a doodle (I assume Chris and Lie are the two full members with experience to whom Lie was referring). If we find 3 dates where Janet and I + Lie or Chris are available, we can already block these days in our agenda and after that I will send these dates out to the other Reeflings who might have interest. I would propose to organise the meetings in the evening, from 7.30 to 9.30 PM. Let me know if you would prefer another timeframe.
Here is the doodle: Doodle


I can do the 18th and 19th of July.
@Lee - can you do one of those dates in August?

Also, I still have access to the training on the Sociocracy For All site (although it should have expired by now). I can also put all the clips and activities on Nextcloud…


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@ChrisM, I don’t have plans yet, so I should be able to make it in August. Would be great if you could save the stuff on Nextcloud. Thanks!

@Lee do you have a preference for one of the two dates in August? Then we can fix the 3 dates: 18.07 & 19.07 and 10 or 17.08. So did I understand well that the course is online but that we meet in person on these 3 dates?

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Both days are still free, but my recommendation would be to organise the sessions on 18 or 19 July, and then on 10 and 17 August. This is because having two sessions in one week can be a bit too much for some people, and it would be great if as many people as possible could participate. Just a suggestion of course.

@Lee I agree. I will make a new topic with the fixed dates (18 July, 10 & 17 August) and invite the other reeflings.

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@reeflings Team Facilitation decided to organise another round of the SoFA facilitation training. The plan is to gather 3 times for 2 hours to do the online training together and discuss. The training is interesting for everyone (not only the members of team Facilitation), so everyone who would be willing or who is able to join, is very welcome. Please confirm your attendance in the poll below. The place of meeting is to be confirmed later. Thank you :slight_smile:

  • 18 July (7.30 - 9.30 PM)
  • 10 August (7.30 - 9.30 PM)
  • 17 August (7.30 - 9.30 PM)

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Will do!

@mieke - I’ve filled in the poll only for the date in July, but I might be available on 17 August as well. Won’t know until nearer the time…


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Hello @reeflings,

Just a quick reminder about Mieke’s post above (no 10 above) about the facilitation training course. This training course is more like an introduction to sociocracy, so it’s really interesting to everybody. The sessions constitute a progressive learning journey, so if possible it would be great if you could attend all sessions (but it’s not mandatory).

If you would like to join us, can you please fill in the poll above?

On another note

  1. SoFA organises plenty more online training courses (with people from all over the world), some of which are free. These are warmly recommended: https://www.sociocracyforall.org/events/

  2. Mostly for @ChrisM, @mieke and @janet, but certainly also for everybody who is interested: SoFA will be organising another “scenarios” training course for facilitators. It costs 150$ with the possibility to get a group discount if there are several of us who will participate. It’s 5 Tuesdays from 6 to 8 pm. @ChrisM: would you be willing to coordinate our participation?


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Happy to do that, but I don’t think yet. I did the first session of this course, but then I got ill and missed the rest. I’m expecting that I can redo it again, under the circumstances. The level is for Sociocracy facilitators with a bit of experience, and ideally who have done the first course. So for Janet and Mieke, it would make sense to complete the first course (which has been scheduled now) and facilitate a couple of team meetings and/or plenaries. They run this advanced course fairly regularly…


I can’t invest me for this at the moment sorry

@reeflings kindly reminder to answer Mieke’s poll today or latest the plenary tomorrow so the Facilitation team can plan :slight_smile: many thanks for considering thisrequest.


I am going to pass on the facilitation course, but thanks.

Hi, i will also pass this ones. Thanks

Hello @Janet @RichardB @Lee @ChrisM, so we’ll meet this Tuesday in Anderlecht at 7.30 PM. I will share the address on Signal on Tuesday - depending on the weather it will be at mine or at Chris’ place. See you then.


@Janet @RichardB @Lee @ChrisM We would start the training at 19.30h but for those who want, we can meet half an hour earlier (19.00h) and bring some food to share.