Failures in development in Colombia - sneak preview and talk with the director

Jochem Casier, a film director and an artist based in Brussels, will join us to show the first material of a documentary that he and his friend recently shot in Colombia. He will also talk about various problems they encountered and depicted in over 50-hours of rough visual material - along with their experiences from talking to the locals, who told them about their dreams and hopes, and activities.

The talk will follow three lines, just as the movie does - all connected by similar lack of consideration from the government, resilience, and creativity from the people.

First thread - how El Nino (global warming) and the construction of dams (led by the government) kill the river Magdalena, the biggest river in the country.

The second one shows the old train railways that used to bring people to the city center, but were closed - and now serve the locals in alternative ways. Stewardship, just the way we love it here.

Finally, Ruta del Sol: a highway that has been privatised and leads to demolition and disaster.

Date: 2016-02-25 23:00:00 - 2016-02-25 23:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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Global indeed.

What a great match, well done Natalia for inviting Jochem and looking forward to meet him (I’m guessing he’s not on Edgeryders yet?). If his work is anything like other documentaries from the region eg about depletion of natural resources and robbing indigenous populations of their heritage, well we should brace ourselves.

Jochem’s contribution will nicely round up the sessions on development fails - even geographically: between him, @omar.shehabi's session and @Christine_Pu's session this LOTE edition is becoming truly global: pieces of Colombia, Israel, Palestine and respectively Canada & sub Saharan Africa will be joining what has been so far a largely European setup. Now we’re talking.