Fanning Digital Social Innovation, from the heat of Rome and on

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Digital Social Innovation Fair in Rome. A yearly coming together of those of us working across participatory technologies, social good and more, it’s coordinated by the people behind the Collective Awareness Platforms for Social Innovation strategies in Horizon2020. (Think how OPENCARE happened).

A full few days, in the interests of sanity, I didn’t attend all gatherings (not to mention there were multiple workshops on at any one time), but focussed on building relationships with aligned folk in the field, and diving deeper into what’s moving, what’s glitching, what’s possible across the field in general.

For those interested in some notes and photos, see here.

In true Edgeryders style, an intervention I lead in one workshop saw many stimulating conversations follow, and in any case there are some interesting leads for new collaborations. These may or may not take hold - as always, this is a case of shared momentum and mutual interest (and I’m still scoping relevance and alignment) - but some of you may like to explore the organisations nonetheless.

A highlight for me was definitely coming up with a policy advocacy pitch on how to make European Research and Innovation strategies more participatory in the same room that the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Union was signed!

Happy to field any questions or share in curiosities :herb:


I know Enrico from the open data community! He is great.

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Yes he loves us too, and we’re in dialogue!

Sorry, not Enrico. The one I know is Alessandro, the CTO: