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Why do we keep online discussion in the Edgeryders platform?

We use social media to spread the word about the initiative, highlight great people and projects discovered in Spot the Future and share news. However we use those channels only to share links back to places on the edgeryders platform. Why?

  • Edgeryders is designed to support and foster solutions-oriented deep discussion, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The environment is designed by and for people who want to get things done together with other. Not discuss what others should or could do.
  • there is a critical mass of great people and initiatives already here to connect with
  • good environment to get to know one anothers projects and challenges before workshop so we make effective use of our time together. 
  • allows people to participate in projects remotely
  • to document workshop results and continue exchange/collaborations after
  • does not exclude people who don't use FB or Twitter for different reasons
  • platform is free, open source, and evolved by its community members needs.
  • content here doesn't disappear and you own your own data.
  • beyond the aims of any given project we are all trying to help one another create paid work opportunities that are aligned with community members interests and talents