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Summary of call Sep 20th

It’s been discussed in our community calls for a while now: and finally we decided it could be better to shorten the conference, mainly for program-related reasons: why? it keeps people more focused, it avoids the “shopping basket” effect, make sure people are drawn to the whole package of sessions, thus increasing the randomness of meeting each other. People can hang out in Matera for longer anyway if they so wish. Formally, a shorter conference also lowers the individual costs of booking in Matera.

New program dates 31st October - 3rd November:

- 2 days conference: Thursday + Friday, Track 1 and Track 2 in parallel;

  • 2 days unConference: Saturday+ Sunday, Track 3

Community Call #13

We started by announcing great big news: The Dutch Embassy in Rome is offering two scholarships to Dutch residents who come to Lote and want to help codesign the unMonastery. Second, work to renovate the unMon building is finally starting. The caveat is that if the building wont be fully equipped in time, other than water supply, heating, electricity, etc: it’s us who’ll need to get a hold of equipment, chairs & tables, and all we need to be confy in our sessions and larger activities. If you want to get very cheap - as in free - accommodation and sleep right in the building, don’t hold up great hopes! yes there;s still a chance people can sleep on mats, but KEEPING IN MIND the high humidity in the place, and the late autumn temperatures!

Community Call #12, Sep 6th

the number of registered participants: 104, but not everyone is sure to attend. Starting September 25th need to reach out to see who is definitely coming. We have a real work force in Matera! Rita Orlando has just taken a role as liaison between unMonastery and Matera 2019 committee. She and Ilaria have been doing a lot of scouting work, they’re in touch with B&Bs, and are to publish a list of available rates so that people can choose where to stay and settle without our help. Ilaria an Rita are also connected to local food providers and farmers, and will try to organize weekly Saturday parades to collect materials for pasta party and snacks.

-finally: program needs to be put into a more official form! Track leaders working on that.

Community Call #9, Aug 16th

We’ve agreed on an accommodation team formed by Ilaria, Rita and Noemi, the three of them working to provide a fair system of existing places, whereas Dorotea, Bembo and Havard will work together to offer the rest of us information about the venue at the unMonastery.

Great news! Matera2019 has secured a partnership with the Dutch embassy to Italy to put out a public call and fund 1-2 Dutch people who want to come to the conference! An open call is coming up as soon as we have a green light!

Community Call \#8, Aug 9th

Our main topics on the agenda were: 1. Logistics: resolution is to arrive at a process by which Edgeryders participating at Lote3 are accommodated at local people’s homes. Already Materani are getting in touch <3 so Ilaria and Noemi, with Pavlik will work out a system and keep everyone in the loop. 2. Fundraising: Nadia is running the partnership building track to scout for organisations willing to support or fund Lote, but she needs more help! Angela has offered to set up a session proposal on fundraising and client base building, and David: is willing to do some ground work on funding open consultancy, which is what Edgeryders LGB is doing.

Community Call #7, Friday August 2nd

Two hour hangout with old and new faces. Was good to meet Leila and Giuseppe! From the Social Media front we’re happy to report there will be an Edgeryders Instagram account set up by Elena where people can take lote snapshots of excitement, wherever they are in Europe! Also, we have a final agreement to send emails with daily content for the Social Media Team. Dorotea will start doing this coming Monday Aug 5th. 

Thanks to Giuseppe, photographer and graphician living 15km from Matera, we have another ally in the local area. He kindly offers to get in touch with people who can offer free accommodation, as well as with owners who can provide sleeping space at low rates.

Community Call #6, Friday July 26th

Discussed the initial experience of Social Media Team in action and how to better analyze the feedback and links traffic. We set the following weeks’ priorities as to check the working ecosystem and see how it’s doing, and to improve and simplify the landing points. Decided to move out of the wordpress minisite and set up an equivalent LOTE3 group on ER platform, primary for external communication.

Community Call #5, Friday July 19th

This is the call where most of the focus has been of Lote building has been on execution, namely making sure things get done. For that to happen, we’re recruiting leaders in Lote organisation: social media leader, track leaders, logistics coordinator, food & drinks, fundraising, unHalloween party. Already some of the spots are filled and looking to finalize the lineup, join us and take charge, you won’t be alone in this

Community Call #4, Friday July 12th

9 people from 9 different countries attended! We agreed we need to tighten up work and communication around Lote and unMonastery, and integrate unMonastery-related calls or news into powerful devices for Lote. This creates a narrative of continuity and helps the two events blend nicely. Another major thing on our task list is to assemble a Social Media Team as a lightweight distributed effort to multiply engagement around Lote. Currently scouting for a team leader!

Community Call #3, Friday July 5th

We invited everyone to answer this: What should a perfect Guide to Make Meaningful Projects Happen have in it to be useful to you personally? What questions should it answer, what are you particularly curious about when it comes to successful projects? In which form should it be? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a book, it can be a living document, a movie or series of videos. We’ve decided to start exploring with tools like this one and create interactive content:

CommunityCall #2, Friday June28th

We agreed on having a maximum one session per half day at Lote: a slower pace in order to gain a shared purpose & actually work on a specific topic, but trying to understand it from various perspectives. This gives us a total of 8 - 10 sessions. We would keep a healthy balance between structured tracks and ad hoc barcamp sessions; allow for enough time in between sessions, create space for everyone to get to know each other. 

It’s been suggested to have a track on Collaboration skills, so that at Edgeryders we’d get better at using our online presence to support our projects & the bigger ones from the collectivity. What do we need to be effective in online collaboration & how to bridge online/offline collaboration skills, swarm wise? 

CommunityCall #1, Friday June 21st

We said it together: at Lote we want to become better, faster, stronger, more well resourced together!  How are we going to do this? by creating a Guide to Making Meaningful Projects Happen, a resource handbook, and every event track will be a kick ass contribution to it. A multitude of stakeholders would use the book as a tool for their own purposes - individuals with projects on their own, supporting communities, policy makers wanting to see more projects like unMonastery happening. We agreed that we’ll coordinate our volunteer work on the Edgeryders platform in the Making Lote3 workspace, using posts and tasks as main outlets for updates on our work.

Is community call 3 happening? What time?

I would like to join this time.

Tomorrow (Friday July 5th) 11 am CET

See you in what it is a permanent hangout space, always the same link for all community calls: Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents