Fast MED

Fast MED is an app designed to simplify the approach that people have with the world of healthcare.

The user the app is intended for, is a person who is not always comfortable with moving around on their own or which could not have too much familiarity with smartphones.

Suddenly they have a need related to their health, they need for an attention or a medicine but they are not able to move on their own.

Through this app, with the help of geolocation on a map, the user can:

-call an ambulance with just one tap and advise emergency contact people.

-find doctors available to come to their place;

-locate pharmacies opened at the moment or ask for home delivery;

The ease of use allows the user to find the service they need as near as possible to them.

During the registration the user has to insert some personal details, as personal data, diseases and emergency contact people.

·      In case of emergency the user, pushing the red button, will ask for an ambulance that will find their present place through the geolocation on the map. The app will send the doctors the informations that the patient has previously inserted. At the same time, the app will advise the emergency contact people, telling them the place their loved one has been taken to.

·      Pushing the yellow button, the user unable to go out can contact the closest doctor to them available for a private home visit.

·      Pushing the green button, through the geolocation, the user can find the closest pharmacies opened at the moment. They can consult the schedule and chat with the pharmacist to order what they need. Than they can go there on their own or ask for a fast home delivery. In case of need of the medical prescription, the user will send via chat a picture of it to the pharmacist.

The present status of the project is the developing one.

A brainstorming has helped us to find out problems and needs of the users and the possible solutions.

We have highlighted components and characteristics of the app, the challenge we want to face and the characters involved.

Through an Empathy map, we have figured out who actually are our users of the app.

A User flow has drafted which pages should link to each other, to design call-to-actions that lead users through the right screen flow.

Then Wireframes have visually illustrated the structure of the app. They have also been useful to allow a stranger to the app to test it and to point out possible mistakes.

We are now working at the final prototype and we hope to start a new Usability testing as soon as possible.

The goal is to improve the service offered from the app and to facilitate the experience for future users.

What made you think of this solution?

Hi @daniele_creti nice to meet you! I’m Noemi and working with the opencare teams in Milano, I’m not sure who you know or have been in touch with? Or are you interested in the WeMake residency?

It’s strange that given the usefulness, the idea has not been done yet, or has it?

Anyway, this sounds like a pretty collaborative project so I wanted to let you know there are community members in Berlin who also designed something to provide care for newcomers - support for navigating the city in a more interesting non-touristic way. Newcomer got started last summer and I suspect it also used geo data to provide information about things in the city. Feel free to contact them. @Milan_Siegers should know about the stage of the project.

Is it possible to move the story?

Hi @noemi! We got in touch with @daniele_creti , he told us that they will finalise the application soon. We were wondering if it is somehow possible to move this story to the Maker In Residence section. Thank you!