Fast track recruitment process September 2022

Hi @RalfWetzel,

Hope you had a nice weekend!

The brunch went fine. It was nice to meet the new people and I had the impression they were all keen on making the next step.

I’m a bit confused though about what that next step in the fast recruitment process looks like. I’m not quite sure what you had in mind: one mini-presentation moment for all newcomers or rather an individualised approach?

If it’s the former then I’ll let you do your thing, if it’s the latter I can meet up with Ana and Seb (who live around my corner) this Friday, and possibly also with Vicky, who indicated that she is available at the same moment. Would you want to join and then set up another meeting with Tom?

For me everything is fine really. Can you tell me how you would like to approach this so we can let everybody know?


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Hi @Lee,
apologies for slow response, indeed quite overwhelming right now, I am managing the most urgent things … I received your email but not a texting - did you sent it on Signal or Whatsapp?

anyway - I would go for a mini presentation for those three households, I think that’s the most effective approach. Not sure how far the saturday brunch already could answer specific questions, but your question as such gives me the idea - there should be a presentation.

Depending on whether you want to be a part of that, I can include you in the next communication to the three households? I would need the slide deck anyway to have something substantial to talk about and to know what is relevant and important to communicate.

This week is pretty gone and next week I am teaching mon-thursday in Gent, so only friday or weekend would work for a mini-presentation.

What do you feel is good for you?
best wishes,

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Hi @RalfWetzel,

To answer to your questions: I think a presentation is a good idea (the brunch was just a brunch, just a nice moment to get to know each other). I’m pretty sure our new recruits are rather well informed, but it never hurts to go through the entire story, if only to get a better picture of where we come from and where we are going.

The main materials I would recommend are these:

As for the timing my first thought was to gain time by doing individual presentations: Ana, Seb and I (and also Vicky apparently) are all free this Friday afternoon, so I could do one then. But if you think it’s better to do one presentation for everybody together, then it will have to be next week, which is also good of course.

Can you please let me know what you prefer? If it makes things easier, you could maybe just write to the new recruits and put me in cc?

I’ll send you my phone in a PM. I tried Whatsapp and SMS with a copy/paste of the number that you left in the members registry. Maybe it has a typo?

@RalfWetzel: operation Fast Track Recruitment 2/3 completed!

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Hi @RalfWetzel,

Would you be willing to give us a quick update on where things are?

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have too much on your plate eh!

Update: long story short, we have now come so close to the public presentation that it makes more sense to onboard everybody at the same time.

I have contacted everybody and hopefully we’ll see them all at the public presentation.