Fathom Deep-Enfolding

Before the early dawn; I was in a deep sleep when I had an unusual dream. The dream  was about destruction, the unexpected happenings and unpredictable post-event consequences. Along with the rising of sun, I woke up with a heavy heart. Gradually, the day began and continued like any other day. Still, deep down my heart, I felt that not everything is fine and my mind hovered with that very dream. Few hours later, the dream turned out to be inevitable. It started holding reality as if everything was like a replication of the whole occurrence that I saw earlier in the dream. The earthquake had happened !

It took me a while to get out of the mental trauma, after which I started to reflect upon the past and connect it with the present situation. We all know about the destruction left by the earthquake and I don’t want it to be emphasized either.

Amid such destruction and demolition of the properties and lives, the only thing that compensated me mentally at the moment was observing people and sharing with them the stories and assumptions after the quake. The positivity of mentally and psychologically strong, their willpower and resilience were the healing factor for the mentally wrecked ones. It helped me gain confidence to some degree as well.

Many things had changed and many remained the same. The change in the mental state of people after the quake was a big change I noticed. I am not quite certain about how people used to signify their lives but I am pretty sure that they have learned to treasure their lives afterwards – an opportunity of learning brought by the quake.  The people giving prominence to their beautiful lives and living their lives as if it’s the only moment they were alive was the best thing that came across me during the time of the crisis.  At the same time, because of the fear of recurrence of the earthquake, the  alertness that people developed  even in every seconds and in very tiny affairs was worth observing.

Even in my own life, I could feel a lot of changes starting to occur and also few realizations that would take me to a different level of exploration in life. I came to a realization that I had started having better understanding and motives towards my own life, and with a bit more clarity in purpose added more love towards my soul. I also witnessed the level of fear and patience I had.

Besides the changes occurring because of the tremor, a few things have remained unchanged. Even though lifestyle of many has been distracted and diverted for some time, things are getting back to normal, quickly than what most people had expected. Similarly, persistency and hard work is something that has not changed from people’s lives rather magnified. The passion, joy, zeal and the aspiration have not been shaken. The most important of all; people have not forgotten to smile and have faith even in the hardest of times.

After all, this earthquake has been lifelong death escaping experience for the alive ones and a bitter experience for those who lost their family members and properties. Several lessons could be extracted from those experiences and move on. Whatever it be, life should be allowed to move and flow in the best ways. This is one of the most imperative messages the earthquake has suggested for all of us. These lessons shall last forever in the hearts and minds of people… Life goes on!


much needed introspection

I agree with you, I think this earthquake has been an eye-opener for many. Like a friend of mine mentioned, we have been awakened from a deep slumber of indifference. @manojisyoung, I found your piece full of introspection. I guess, things have started to go back to normal - but do you think that is limited to areas like Kathmandu? Nowadays, whenever I travel, I realize how “normal” things have become here already and I wonder what it is like in the rest of the affected districts. But for those, whose lives changed, things have never been the same after the earthquake.

Thank you for sharing your write-up with us :slight_smile:

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As its said we live our life with the experiences we assemble, mine is not indifferent. I have attempted expressing my experience out here in this post. And since I don’t know much about the other areas than Kathmandu, i have not mentioned those situations … perhaps might be getting  back to normal…

thanks a lot :slight_smile: