Federation uber alles: a cool project (at high risk of failure)

I came across an European project called D-CENT. I am not entirely convinced by their approach, because I find it too artefact-based (and they do admit they are struggling to onboard communities), but they are smart people and I may be wrong. More importantly, they seem to be very keen on the federated model that @Pavlik elf is constantly advocating. I even think you know some of them, Elf. You have probably met Dyne.org somewhere, right? :slight_smile:

Maybe there is something there that Edgeryders could use without gutting itself? Any thought?

on my DEEPEN CONNECTION list :slight_smile:

Thanks @Alberto!

During #OSLabs14 Harry Halpin brought this project to our attention. Besides Dyne.org one can also find W3C, OKFN, Nesta and few other rather established organizations involved.

Something that additionally catches my interest, I see on their website interview with Bernard Lietaer talking about monoculture of conventional money which strongly relates to what I try to emphasize using term Polyeconomy (shame that @artbrock doesn’t engage in conversations here, possibly overhead of using ‘yet another platform’ contributes to that, yet another reason to work on making our online infrastructures more interoperable!)

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