Feedback on the Creative Brief for Breakout Session Needed

Dear Edgeryders, especially the ones that will be attending the lote conference.

I have a request for collaboration: could you please give some feedback on this proposal of Creative Brief for the 6 breakout sessions of the 2nd day?

The goal is to synthesize these by having concrete proposals for each sessions. If the output are 3 slides, I reckon we could have 3 proposals from each workshop.

Let’s work together so that we can adapt this brief to our needs.

Find this structure on this gdoc. Feel free to edit and improve! :slight_smile:

A bit of feedback

Looking good!

The 'Why is it valuable" is the same as “Value for citizen” and “Value for governance”, except that the question is presented in sub-sets.

Is this going to be anonymous?

We’re not all pros like you with markers! What exactly are you expecting as an answer in the last section?

I proposed these questions to Alberto today:

  • What is the problem for which solutions are sought, and why is it important?

  • What are the objectives against which the project’s success or failure could be assessed?

  • How can these objectives be achieved?

  • What are the expected outputs (of the research)?


Hi Lyne,

“Why is it valuable” is a general description, whether as the sub-sets are targeted and concrete.

Quick example:

Why is it valuable?

  • Clean streets generate social and economical impact.

Value for Citizen?

  • Less diseases

Value for Government?

  • Less health care costs

So, what do you say? Do you agree?

Lyne, what is Alberto’s take on your questions?

More questions

He said nothing.

I was not aware that you were working on this, and then I saw your mission report.

I wonder if people will have a hard time fitting everything on one sheet of paper. Elastic paper for expanded space. Or build in 3-D with stacks of post-it, one on top of the other, each numbered… would allow for more room this way :slight_smile:   Participants might not all be gifted at making diagrams (last segment is tough!)

Is each participant asked to fill this form? Or is it for the idea(s) adopted by the working group?

Are we supposed to publish mission reports answering these questions before the conference? Is this portion of the collaboration ‘private’?

The people not coming to the conference, can they still participate by filling this form and answering the questions, and posting their ideas in the working groups on the platform?

I know it’s tough

As I don’t know how facilitators are planning there sessions, I can’t tell exactly on what level this will be a collaborative tool. But usually it works really well as it needs some hard thinking.

But hey, speculating a little, here’s one possible way of doing this: once we went through the bulk of each session, we can devide in 3 groups so that each one can work around 1 concrete value proposition. Problem is they shouldn’t be groups bigger than 3-4 persons. Is it doable?

They is a great convergent tool that can be used after the divergent first phase of Edgeryders and as well as breakout sessions.

In the end we will have concrete stuff…

If it works for you, it works

Well, Lyne’s structure has nothing wrong with it; and it is supposed to be a help in channeling your work, so you guys are the best judges of its effectiveness! If it works for you, it works.

Hi Tiago,

This is a helpful

Hi Tiago,

This is a helpful starting point, to get the focus on concrete outcomes for the sessions. Maybe you  want to get in touch with the facilitators dealing with the different sessions and get their input on their facilitation process and how to get to a point where you can answer those “questions” within 3 hours…

Will do


Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to invite them all to the mission so that we can modify the brief according to their valuable contribution ! :slight_smile:


Hi! I added some comments to the gdoc.

Forms Online —> Slides Offline

Tiago, I like the form a lot! Simple and by the unified format we all will be more efficient.

I think Pedro’s right with his comment in the Google doc. I also suggest we should use the time in the session to work on the deliverables.

So the online discussion preceding the offline sessions should be about what goes in the specific form.

Once we are together in the sessions, I would use the time to further build the communication we started and to see what we can do to make our recommendations come true ---- besides preparing the report itself.

Some questions and requests.

Hi all, and specially to the Edgeryders management team, since I have several questions for you!! :slight_smile:

The facilitators of the “We, the People” had a talk today and we already have some ideas on how to organise collaboration during the session. On the methodological level… we are quite aligned with the proposals made here.

We would nevertheless need some information, to get better prepared.

Since I was not whom I should ask about these things to… I am writing here.

We would like to know:

  1. How many people can we expect in the session? I’ve counted 148 profiles in the “who’s coming” section, but I imagine there could be more. Can you tell us how many participants are we expecting for day 2?

  2. How is the space where the session will take place? We need to know about it, for the case we split into small groups. Are we sitting at tables? Do we have walls where we can hang things? Is the space big enough for several groups to work at the same time without disturbing each other?

  3. We would also like to know about the equipment and materials we will have. In the guidelines section it is said we will have “flipchart, colored cariocas/pencils, post its”. Will we have white-board? What about a projector, will it be available? Finally, Smári pointed out that little ‘cards’ like the ones that can be seen here:

would work much better than post-it. If we could get enough of them… it would help. And if we can get, additionally, the small round stickers that are also visible in the pictures… it would help to prioritize the proposals.

That’s all I can remember now.

Smári, Anthony, if I forgot anything… just add it below.


Tentative answers

At last count, we were 170 in #LOTE, including invited politicians, government representatives etc. So 148 community is about right. Almost all will be there for day 2

You will be in a Council of Europe meeting room. The largest group gets the largest room, with 200 seatings, the one we use for the plenary. We also have 2 100-seatings rooms and some smaller ones, around 50 seatings. The rooms are all shaped like parliamentary hemicycles, with tables facing the center… but there is more than enough space to walk around.

Not sure about walls, they tend to be too far off the action to be useful.

Whiteboard and projector will be available in every room.

Sounds good!!

Thanks Alberto, for all the details.

We will continue with the preparations taking this into account.